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Aircraft Maintenance


We provide maintenance for transient, local, and based aircraft at KMGM.


In emergency situations, we can provide maintenance at other airport locations if needed.

* AOG Services *



With our on-call A&P / IA mechanics, we strive to provide the most professional and efficient maintenance you have come to expect from the Box Aviation Family.



We can service and maintain everything from a Cessna 152, Cherokee 180, Lear 31a, or CRJ-900 (Regional Airliner).


We are the on-call maintenance for the Regional Carriers, we have a current Drug/Alcohol program, and can meet the needs of your part 135 as well.


Services Offered:


Oil Changes

Annual Inspections

100hr Inspections

Phase Inspections

Pre-Buy Inspections

Tire Changes

Aircraft Modifications

Cylinder Changes


In July 2018 we were awarded our Part 145 repair station certificate for Avionics Installation, Pitot/Static Certification (91.411), and Transponder Certification (91.413) on aircraft under 12,500 lbs.


We currently install Appareo / Stratus, Avidyne, Aspen, TruTrak, PS Engineering, and Trig.


Let us upgrade your audio system or avionics and show you what you have been missing!


The 2020 ADS-B Mandate has passed and we are still installing ADS-B for those that need to be equiped! Schedule your ADS-B Transponder installation today.

Avionics Upgrades:

Pitot/Static Check (91.411)

Transponder Checks (91.413)

ADS-B Installation

Discrepancy Diagnosis and Repair

Airworthiness Directive (AD) Compliance

Service Bulletin (SB) Compliance

Aircraft Maintenance
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