Other Services

We at Box Aviation LOVE aviation! We currently offer other services listed below. We hope to add more services in the future as we continue to grow.

Pilot Services

Own an airplane and don't want to hire a full time pilot?

Let us coordinate pilots for you that are safe and qualified.

Aircraft Ferry Service

Buy a plane somewhere else and need it home?


Have a plane stuck somewhere for a maintenance issue?


Let us help you get it to where you want it!


We have flying mechanics and the ability to rescue planes if needed.

Aircraft Management

Interested in the time saving options of general aviation? But, not sure where to start?


Currently own an aircraft, but not sure how to manage the maintenance?


Perhaps you have an aircraft and want to sell a share in it?


Give us a call today and see how we can help you manage your aircraft storage, maintenance, and crew!

Aerial Photography

If you don't have a drone, or need photos a good distance away from the Montgomery Area, use an aircraft.


We have the ability to get you the photos you need.


Whether it be cruising timber for beetles, checkout a control burn, or checking out powerline encroachment, we have the experience to get you there.